Exercising with Light Weights to Lose Weight

Russian spins can help you get stronger in your core and move around better. 

Russian Twists

To get a defined waist, twist while holding a small weight or medicine ball. This will work your obliques.

Burpees are a great way to challenge your whole body. 


This exercise will not only make you stronger, but it will also start burning fat, so it is a great way to lose weight quickly.

The deadlift is a powerful workout that works your back, glutes, and hamstrings, among other muscles.


Focus on the right form to get the most out of your workout and lower your risk of getting hurt.

Mountain climbers work your core and get your heart rate up. This lively exercise not only gets your heart rate up, but it also makes you faster and more coordinated.

Mountain Climbers

Tie-up dips are a great way to work out your arms. This workout sculpts your triceps and makes your shoulders and chest stronger at the same time.


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