High-Intensity Interval Training

Start by getting into a plank. Bring your body down to the ground. 


Push yourself back up to where you started. Do three sets of fifteen reps.

Hold a dumbbell in both hands and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Kettlebell Swings

Turn your hips out and swing the dumbbell between your legs. Throw it up quickly to chest height. Do three sets of twenty reps each.

CrossFit is a very hard workout that uses a lot of different useful moves.


The steady change puts the body to the test and pushes it to adapt, which helps lose fat by making the metabolism work harder.

Place yourself in front of a strong box or stand. Land softly on the box after you jump on it. 

Box Jumps

Go back down and do it again. Do three sets of fifteen reps.

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