The Best Workouts To Burn That Much Fat

For 20 seconds, sprint as fast as you can. Take a 10-second break. Do it again in four minutes.


To begin, push forward. When you jump, switch legs in the air. 

 Jump Lunges

You should land on the other leg in a lunge position. Do three sets of twenty reps each.

Lay down on your back. In a cycling action, move the other knee toward the other arm. Keep up a steady pace.

Bicycle Crunches

In circuit training, strength and cardio workouts are done quickly one after the other.

Bicycle Crunches

This keeps the heart rate high, which makes it easier for fat to be broken down.

Put your feet together and hold your arms out to the sides. 

Jumping Jacks

Spread your legs apart and raise your arms as you jump up. Go back to where you started. 

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