Things To Do To Burn The Most Fat

Place your feet about shoulder-width apart. 

1. Jump Squats

Once you're ready, squat down and then jump high into the air. Softly land and do it again. Do three sets of fifteen reps.

Start by standing up straight. Get down on your knees and kick your feet back up into a plank. 


Do a push-up and then jump back up to a squat. Jump up quickly with your arms over your head. Do three sets of twelve reps.

Start by getting into a plank. As you run, move your knees toward your chest back and forth. 

Mountain Climbers

Keep going quickly. Do three sets of 30 seconds each.

This structure not only burns more calories, but it also increases the amount of oxygen your body uses after exercise, which helps your body keep burning fat.

Tabata Training

Palm Leaf


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