Top Recipes From The Mediterranean

This salad is strong enough to be a full meal because it has lots of fresh, bright tastes. 

Greek Couscous Salad

We both like this spicy take on beef pot roast because my husband likes meat and I like vegetables. 

Moroccan Pot Roast

It tastes like something you'd find at a Marrakech market, with peas, eggplant, honey, and mint. 

People in my family love this chicken dish because it tastes a bit like something from the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Chicken with Rice

We kept doing it because it was fun and tasty. We also really enjoy this mix with ground lamb. 

Mediterranean Hummus Nachos

Because I'm half Lebanese, we call these nachos Lebanese. You have to like them no matter what you call them! 

I like fish now more than I used to. It's easy to top with our favorite things because it doesn't taste too strong. 

Mediterranean Tilapia

It also doesn't have a lot of fat or calories. What's not to like?

Palm Leaf


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