Weight Loss Drugs: Best and Worst Foods

Green tea contains compounds that can potentially improve the efficacy of diet drugs and reduce nutrient deficiencies. 

Green Tea 

Enjoy refreshing cold brews, whether plain or sparkling, with a touch of stevia for sweetness if desired.

Vegetable Juice Vegetable juices such as low-sugar tomato or carrot juice offer a concentrated source of nutrition to combat vitamin depletion often associated with weight loss medications. 

Vegetable Juice

Choose juices with less sugar and enjoy them with protein-rich foods.

Drinking bone broth between meals can help keep you hydrated and provide you with important protein compounds like collagen, glucosamine, and amino acids.

Bone Broth

These nutrients are often lacking when using pharmaceutical weight loss methods. Homemade bone broth also supports gut healing.

Staying properly hydrated can help improve the effectiveness of diet medication and support a healthy metabolism. 

Water with Fruit

Add some fruit to your water for a naturally sweetened drink that's packed with antioxidants and extra flavor to help you stay hydrated.

Palm Leaf


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