Weight Loss with HIIT Exercises That Even a Beginner Can Do

Box jumps are the best exercise for people who need to work on both strength and accuracy. 

Box Jumps

This quick move not only speeds up your metabolism but also makes your lower body stronger.

You can get a variety of cardiovascular benefits from adding the classic jump rope to your HIIT exercise. 

 Jump Rope

Jumping rope is good for people of all fitness levels because it burns calories and makes you more coordinated.

Doing different kinds of push-ups will help you define and tone your upper body.

Push-Up Variations

These workouts, which range from regular push-ups to incline and decline versions, work your chest, triceps, and shoulders. 

Add side-to-side shuffles to your workout plan to get you moving laterally.

Side-to-Side Shuffles

Star jumps are a fun and effective way to get your heart rate up, no matter how experienced you are with exercise.

Star Jumps

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