Workouts That Help People Over 50 Lose Weight

You can work out your core, shoulders, and legs with mountain climbers, which are an active workout. 

Mountain Climbers

They make your heart beat faster, burn calories, and make your general stamina better

Whether you do shadowboxing or hit a punching bag, boxing workouts are intense and work your whole body. 


They are good for getting rid of extra calories, making your heart healthier, and improving your balance.

Lunges are a good way to tone and build the muscles in your legs and bottom. 


They can be changed to fit people of different exercise levels and help build strength in the lower body.

The plank is a motionless exercise for the core that works the shoulders, arms, and back.


When you squat, you work out your quads, hamstrings, and hips, among other muscles in your lower body.


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