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Weeknight Dinners Just Got Healthier: 11 Delicious Plant-based Pastas

Cravings come in all forms, and when it’s time to satisfy them, pasta often takes center stage. However, for those seeking more protein, fewer carbs, or an abundance of veggies, the world of pasta alternatives offers a diverse and delicious array of options. Let’s embark on a culinary journey through these healthy and tasty pasta alternatives.

1. Chickpea Pasta: bonza’s Protein Powerhouse


  • Twice the protein, three times the fiber, and half the net carbs of traditional pasta.
  • Cooks in under 10 minutes.
  • Available in various fun shapes like cavatappi, penne, and rotini.

Because of its remarkable nutritional features, Banza chickpea pasta has emerged as a desirable option for times when time is of the essence. Because it has twice as much protein and three times as much fiber as traditional pasta, it is a robust alternative that won’t make you feel weighed down. The fact that it can be prepared in a short amount of time in addition to the fact that it comes in some shapes makes it a flexible addition to your pantry. (As a bonus, Banza also provides pizza!)

2. Veggie Pasta: Barilla’s Plant-Powered Delight


  • A taste similar to traditional pasta with added spinach and zucchini for a nutritional boost.

For those taking the first steps into the realm of plant-based pasta, Barilla’s veggie pasta offers a familiar taste with a nutritious twist. The incorporation of spinach and zucchini enhances both flavor and nutritional content, making it an excellent choice for those looking to effortlessly increase their veggie intake.

3. Butternut Squash Noodles: Green Giant’s Single-Ingredient Wonder


  • One ingredient: butternut squash.
  • Mere 12 grams of carbs and 50 calories per serving.
  • Additional options include zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash.

Green Giant simplifies healthy eating with butternut squash noodles—clean, straightforward, and low in both carbs and calories. With just one ingredient, these veggie spirals provide a guilt-free alternative. For more veggie variety, Green Giant offers additional options like zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash to keep your meals exciting and nutritious.

4. Edamame Pasta: Explore Cuisine’s Fiber-Rich Strands


  • Low in carbs and rich in fiber for a satisfying meal.

Edamame takes center stage in pasta form with Explore Cuisine’s spaghetti strands. These fiber-rich noodles not only contribute to a satisfying dining experience but also introduce the beloved sushi appetizer into the world of pasta alternatives. It’s a delightful twist that keeps your taste buds intrigued.

Weeknight Dinners Just Got Healthier: 11 Delicious Plant-based Pastas

5. Spaghetti Squash: Solely’s Dried Delight


  • A pantry staple with only one ingredient: spaghetti squash.
  • Versatile for various dishes, from meat sauce to casseroles.

When fresh squash is out of season, Solely’s dried spaghetti squash steps in as a convenient pantry staple. With a single ingredient, this pasta alternative offers versatility for a range of dishes. Whether paired with a savory meat sauce or baked into a comforting casserole, it brings the goodness of squash to your table year-round.

6. Hearts of Palm Pasta: Palmini’s Salad Topper Transformed


  • Low in calories and carbs, with zero fat.
  • Ideal for stir-fries with veggies and proteins.

Palmini’s hearts of Palm linguine transforms your favorite salad topping into a pasta alternative. Low in both calories and carbs, with zero fat, it’s a guilt-free addition to your culinary repertoire. Try it in a stir-fry for a refreshing take on a classic pasta dish.

7. Cassava Pasta: Jovial Foods’ Grain-Free Delight


  • Cassava fusilli that tastes close to traditional pasta without gluten.

For grain-free enthusiasts, Jovial Foods presents cassava fusilli—a pasta alternative that mirrors the taste of traditional pasta without the gluten. Whether paired with a robust red sauce or incorporated into a pasta salad, it offers a nutritious and flavorful dinner option.

Weeknight Dinners Just Got Healthier: 11 Delicious Plant-based Pastas

8. Cauliflower Pasta: Caulipower’s Cruciferous Linguine


  • Packed with cauliflower for a nutritious option.
  • Cooks in three minutes for a quick and easy meal.

Cauliflower has become a versatile ingredient, and Caulipower’s linguine showcases its potential in the pasta realm. Packed with cruciferous veggies, this pasta alternative provides a nutritious base for your favorite sauces. With a quick cooking time of three minutes, it’s an ideal option for those busy weeknight dinners.

9. Kelp Noodles: Sea Tangle’s Asian-inspired Gem


  • Cholesterol-free, low in sodium, gluten-free, and low-calorie.
  • Made with three simple ingredients: kelp, water, and sodium alginate.

Stepping into the realm of Asian cuisine, Sea Tangle’s kelp noodles bring a unique twist to pasta alternatives. Cholesterol-free, low in sodium, and gluten-free, these noodles are made with just three simple ingredients. Ready to absorb the flavors of your favorite sauce, they offer a light and refreshing option for your pasta dishes.

10. Lentil Pasta: Tolerant’s Plant-Based Rotini


  • Packed with the benefits of lentils in a familiar rotini shape.
  • Available in both red lentil and green lentil varieties.

Lentils, a powerhouse of plant-based protein, take center stage in Tolerant’s rotini. Offering all the benefits of lentils in a familiar, easy-to-eat shape, it’s a nutritious addition to your pasta alternatives. Available in both red lentil and green lentil varieties, it provides a colorful and health-conscious option for your meals.

11. Black Bean Pasta: The Only Bean’s Protein-Packed Spaghetti


  • Made exclusively from black beans, with no add-ins or preservatives.
  • A good source of iron, fiber, and protein.

The Only Bean’s black bean spaghetti stays true to its name—pasta made solely from black beans. With no additives or preservatives, this pasta alternative is not only a good source of iron but also rich in fiber and protein. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that adds a hearty touch to your favorite pasta dishes.

In the world of pasta alternatives, the options are diverse and delicious. From chickpea pasta’s protein boost to cauliflower pasta’s cruciferous goodness, each alternative brings its unique flair to the table. Whether you’re exploring plant-based options, seeking gluten-free alternatives, or simply looking to add more veggies to your plate, these healthy pasta alternatives cater to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. Embrace the culinary adventure and discover the joy of nutritious and delectable pasta alternatives that elevate your meals to new heights.

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